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And they should get more!

DSC_0979By Maja Pecanac

(GYC Rwanda and NYC Alumna from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Program Assistant July 2014 in Bosnia)

When I was writing the political update for the GYC Bosnia Report from July 2014, I said the elections are coming up and that there is a hope that the BiH citizens will demand something different for themselves. I thought they wouldn’t settle with the same prescription drug keeping them dormant for the past 20 years. People, was I wrong! The Nationalist parties not only won, they triumphed. Of course, I was comforting myself that it was because the turnout was so low, that it was because the ‘normal’ citizens stayed home and refused to be a part of any of those political games and betrayals we have been witnessing in the past years. Maybe it is because they decided to punish the ones to whom they gave faith in the last elections and who failed them hardly, outrageously! It is sad but true that the B-H politics nowadays is designed on the principle of “who gets the most seats’ and not on ethical principles, political moral an all those moralities we have been learning so hard in schools. Ethics, alas… Was I naive. Those people yet again chose the nationalist’s rhetoric. Cheesy and easy solution. After twenty years of looting the state and its property, institutionalizing corruption and nepotism, injecting strife between people and offering nothing in return.

But when we leave behind those who remained at home, we get a large percentage of those who did not stay home – those who actually voted. Well, that’s a scary thought. Among those people are probably my neighbors, acquaintances, who knows, maybe even some of my friends, colleagues…Scary and disappointing.

But nontheless – people want more. And so should they get more then! Let us all forget the healing of society, reconciliation and a shift towards the true not the false transition they have been offering to us for years. Let us all forget the better education for the new generations, the promotion of peace, reconciliation, lets continue with eternal divisions and poor, short-sighted society.

B-H political elite won again and the citizens’ option was defeated once more. And this doesn’t really come as a surprise in the land of the absurd. In a country where corruption is eating all the pores of society, and the people reelects the same corrupt political structure to finish the job.

Still, after everything I cannot just leave my country and say it’s hopeless and helpless. That there is no cure for Bosnia and Herzegovina. There is. There must be! And we are that cure. Young people who want a better tomorrow. Enjoyable future. Without division. Without nationalism and fascism. Without the war rhetoric and sowing of fear among people who should be finally trying to live together, with each other not next to each other. I sincerely believe that such reversal will happen one day. That long-awaited change. And I am here waiting to be a part of it.



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