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Healthy Reflections

SAM_3970By Laurentine Uzayisenga

This August 6th, 2013 in the afternoon we (Rwandan participants, International participants and INALAS and GYC leaders) visited Karongi Hospital where we met some of the administrators, mainly doctors. Those leaders told us briefly how they work together with community health workers to save human lives as his/her first right of living. We asked questions about, then, answers were given. This hospital has various departments which work together to improve human life. Those leaders told us some services are for free for instance ones for old persons, ones for the poorest. For Kiziba Refugee Camp services are well done. Even though Kiziba does not have the access to Rwandan Health Insurance (Mutuelle de Sante), they are treated,  and partners of this camp-AHA for health, pay for them.

After the visit to the hospital, our group  returned to our hotel where we discussed our trip. Many participants agreed that the hospital tries to provide health care to all and there is an improvement to save human life using ambulances, increasing materials, having appropriate infrastructures.

Based on my observations, here are some of my personal suggestions for improvements: The hospital should work even harder to reduce the early pregnancies among young people It has also to encourage women for becoming doctors as they have nine men doctors and only one woman doctor and this is not the respect of gender based human rights!

It’s true, the hospital staff said that no refugees are claiming that they need to be part of mutuelle de santé, but I believe that the hospital has again to commit for Refugees to get the access to the same health insurance by advocating for them at National level, because this will increase their confidence that they are being treated equally in Rwanda.


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This entry was posted on January 4, 2014 by in Human Rights.

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