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First Impressions and Final Analysis

Juliet overlooking Karongi District, Western Province

Juliet overlooking Karongi District, Western Province

By Juliet Batamuriza (Rwanda)

The first day we met with the GYC international participants, it was amazing to see everyone there. We welcomed them in our cultural way of welcoming visitors. Some people may ask themselves how? We welcomed them with a song in Kinyarwanda “Uzaze Urebe u Rwanda rwa Banyarwanda”, we danced with them teaching them our cultural dance. It was followed by a poem from one of our talented Rwandan GYC participant, Laurentine. It was a very nice warm welcome and it is amazing how our visitors “GYC international participants reacted to it. Of course they had a play they had prepared for us. As we had all waited and excited to meet everyone from different parts of the world, UK, USA, Canada , Bosnia, China , Australia, RDC and Rwanda. I can say that after meeting, there was chemistry between these groups. The way we connected, I cannot even explain it but what I can say this group was the best!

But seriously, these young leaders from diverse backgrounds came together to learn more about human rights in the world (with Rwanda as a case study), and I had no doubt that as young leaders, together we would change the world. And that we did! Or at least started! You may wonder how we started to change the world. We are all human rights activists with different professions. We were put into small teams with different tasks, like Blogging, Documentation, theatre, and also social media. These were among the strategies we used to advocate for human rights.

During the site visits that we had in Rwanda; visiting the genocide Memorials, Kiziba camp, Kabuga/Karongi community of potters and many other places, we were inspired to be the voice for those people who cannot speak out for themselves. Maja from Bosnia, shared her story and told us how her country went through genocide and UN did not have the courage to stop what was happening instead they just left and let people die, the same way that happened in Rwanda and I have only talked about Rwanda and Bosnia because there are the most recent ones where genocide happened in Rwanda in 1994 it was followed by Bosnia in 1995 (what a coincidence?). People being murdered because of their ethnic groups, religion etc….. now see what is happening in the world

Let’s all together fight crimes against humanity and also support those who are denied their rights. Let everyone speak, many people are suffering in this world. Let us not keep our hands crossed and act instead of watching people die or suffer without doing anything. “Action speaks more than words” if we as young professionals (GYC activists) act, I am sure we can change a lots of people’s lives. “Yes We Can” as young leaders if we put together our ideas and experience this world can be a better place!

Delegation members, during an exercise with the youth leaders from the Kiziba Refugee Camp.

Delegation members, during an exercise with the youth leaders from the Kiziba Refugee Camp.


3 comments on “First Impressions and Final Analysis

  1. Maja
    August 26, 2013

    Dearest Juliet, thank you for this wonderful blog post. We can and we will continue working together, there are no borders between us, only territorial ones…. Love from Bosnia, Maja

    • juliet
      September 9, 2013

      Thanks Maja, you are always an inspiration for me. I miss you so much, i hope to see you gain soon. I know there are no borders and we can do an excellent work in we put our hands together. Sending you Hugs and Kisses from Rwanda, Juliet

  2. Jean de Dieu Muhire
    May 20, 2015

    You did a great reflection about how it is was like to be a participant in this wonderful program. It gives me a great insight as someone who will attend the upcoming program. Great job Juliet.

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